Asian Journal of Basic Science & Research

Vol.4 Iss.4

October-December 2022



African American Small Consulting Business Sustaining Strategies

JOHNSON, Charles C, III & UPADHYAY, Aditya

 Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 01-10



Scientific Conservation of Wooden Altars of Goa Churches – A Case Study

S. Vinodh Kumar, M. Singh & Nilesh E Mahajan

 Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 11-21



Elucidation of the Issue of Harmony of Spirituality and Interests in the Development of Society

Dilnoza Sadanova Alimbaevna

 Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 22-26



Socio-economic Status of Female Workers Engaged in Traditional Chikankari under Sitapur District

Richa Singh & Purnima Shah

 Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 27-33



Advanced Software, applied with the Polygraph technique, is useful to interpret electrochemical signals, emitted from Superior Plants (Gymnosperms), during the Depatterning procedure, with the aim to alter the biophysical state, of the same vegetal, and interpret elaborations through a procedure of reverse engineering

S. Turini, M. Dunjic, T. Saljic, R. Popovic, S. Cvetkovic, B. Vitosevic, M. Dunjic, B. Rajevic & K. Dunjic

 Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 34-46



Murmurs from the Vascular Members: A Generalized Theoretical Outlook

Nzerem, Francis Egenti

 Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 47-59



Customer Churn Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques: the case of Lion Insurance

Edemealem Desalegn Kingawa & Tulu Tilahun Hailu

 Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 60-73



Jаdids Movement аnd its Rоlе in Rаising thе Identity оf Thе Uzbek Nation

Turdiyev Bexruz Sobirovich

 Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 74-81



How Does Translation Work? Abhijnanasakuntalam Translated Text Comparison

Dr. Suman Rani

 Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 82-93



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